Brussels Motor Show

The 94th edition of the Motor Show took place at Brussels Expo in January 2016.

With more than 550,000 visitors, it is one of the most popular events in our country. In view of the terror threat, the organiser did not want to leave anything to chance. As a specialist in exhibition and event technology, A.S. Technology was entrusted with building the stands at this year’s Motor Show. From lighting and dimming, to trussing, power distribution and audiovisual support. The specialist in exhibition and event technology also played a key role in setting up security systems.

“We were looking for a last-minute solution in the context of security controls,” says Anaïs Lorette of FEBIAC. “A.S. Technology immediately jumped into the fray and came up with a design for security gates. The detailed and very clear drawings provided by A.S. Technology were the basis for our analysis and consultation with the police force.”

Event Technology for European Automotive Forum (EAF)

At the Motor Show, the A.S. Technology team also provided the technology used in the auditorium where the EAF was taking place. This biennial high level conference brings together top European policymakers, CEOs, strategists, marketers, sales and engineers to discuss the future of the automotive industry. It was was therefore paramount to ensure that the speakers’ message would be conveyed clearly, and that picture and sound would be perfectly matched. In short, that the technology would work flawlessly.

FEBIAC and A.S. Technology: partners for almost 10 years

“I am deliberately using the term ‘partnership’ in this case,” adds Anaïs Lorette. “We share the same goal: together, we want to ensure that the Motor Show is a successful event. I have high confidence in A.S. Technology because of our partnership of many years.”

A.S. Technology in 1 word?

Flexibility. They are highly reactive and and find solutions. Their rapid intervention made sure everything was in perfect order before the start. A.S. Technology goes further than what is required at the briefing. They brainstorm with us and submit ideas. E.g. LED screens as an alternative to the signage, or illuminating plants. And that makes for great cooperation.”

Good value-for-money is important

Anaïs Lorette: “True. We know we can count on the professionalism of A.S. Technology. Because our partnership is based on real value-for-money. In short, with A.S. Technology, your event always lands on its feet.”

Many thanks to Anaïs Lorette of FEBIAC for this testimonial.

Also your partner for smaller in-house business fairs

Are you organising your own in-house business fair? A.S. Technology will set up your fair, from start to finish. With textiles, prints, technology and the right lighting, A.S. Technology creates the atmosphere and experience your company wants to convey.

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