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A.S. Technology specialises in exhibition and event technology: from standardized products to customized solutions for your exhibition, event or meeting. Check our presentation brochure.

We put together your exhibition, event or meeting on the strength of 8 technical disciplines which complement each other. Discover our lighting and audiovisual technologies;

Live communication

With 35 years of experience under our belt, we can proudly claim to be a true partner for organisers of trade shows, events and larger meetings. We anticipate all kinds of scenarios to ensure your event will be a hit. In hectic situations we turn issues into solutions. And you, the organiser, can have peace of mind.

Our secret weapon? We leverage event technologies to create successful live communication. That’s why, from the preparatory stage, we like to sit around the table with those involved to offer other perspectives, or anticipate possible situations or requirements.

With the ultimate goal of creating a memorable and complete experience for your guests at your exhibition, event or meeting.

We keep our promises

In the hectic last-minute world of exhibitions, events and meetings, we pull out all the stops to give you peace of mind on the technical issues. As a partner we provide high-quality customized technical solutions. Even in the heat of the battle in unexpected situations.

Just like flexibility, deadlines are sacred to us. A.S. Technology works systematically, according to a well prepared plan and with clear communication. After all, what counts is the success of your event, exhibition or meeting.

Read more about our 3 product lines, and how they can bring added value to your event, exhibition or meeting.

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