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A.S. Technology is looking for fellow sprinters

A.S. Technology is looking for contractors and freelancers who will strengthen the team. A short quiz:

Are you:

  • an expert in lighting and audio-visual products and services?
  • flexible?
  • professional?
  • equipped with high-quality equipment?
  • experienced?
  • customer friendly?
  • technically sophisticated?

If you’ve replied a resounding “yes” seven times, you definitely are the person we are looking for!

Contact us.

We are:

A.S. Technology, the partner in lighting and audiovisual technology for events, exhibitions and meetings. Backed by over thirty years of experience, our professional team delivers top quality at a very competitive price.

We say eight times “yes” to the following technical skills:

AS Technology technologies

Three product and service lines: something for everyone

With its three product and service lines, A.S. Technology has a solution for every event.  Discover the Project line, the Concept line and the Vade Mecum line.

Stronger together

A.S. Technology likes to brainstorm to find the best solution for the customer. We are now also looking for partners who can fuel these discussions. Moreover, as a supplier, you might have underutilized equipment. If we put our heads together, we might find ways for you to get the most out of your equipment. Together, we will look for a win-win situation for everyone.

Interested? Contact us.