Over the years, A.S. Technology has evolved from a sound and light supplier to being a professional partner for live communication using exhibition and event technology.

How it all started

Our Manager Juul Van Gils discovered the dynamic sector of sound and lighting back in 1981. Driven by his passion for equipment and armed with knowledge and experience, he later started his own company specializing in the rental of mainly light and sound equipment. From its homebase in Brecht the company grew into a household name in the sector of events and entertainment in the Antwerp region and beyond.

Exhibitions as its core business

Meanwhile, the exhibition and event sector had also seen the emergence of a strong need for multidisciplinary technical support. Drawn by our offering of specialized rental equipment and our technical competence, stand builders and event organisers from across the country rapidly flocked to Brecht.

This created a shift in our core business which resulted in our scaling up with customers at (inter) national level. Since then, A.S. Technology has been profiling itself as a technology supplier for the exhibition industry. The range of services was expanded with disciplines such as video, rigging, power, textiles and stage.

In addition to equipment rental, the actual production support became more and more important. From the exhibition sector, our business gradually expanded to the related niche market of B2B events and meetings.

Customized exhibition and event technology

For over twenty years, A.S.Technology has become the specialist in exhibition and event technology. Our goods and services cover eight disciplines that complement each other:

Audiovisual technologies are becoming increasingly important in this domain. Since then the exhibition and event sector has come to represent three-quarters of A.S. Technology’s sales and our company has among its customers many Belgian exhibition professionals.

As a partner, we like to discuss things with you. For every challenge, A.S. Technology has the right specialists, equipment and expertise. This results in customized technology that is seamlessly integrated into your project.

Experience, flexibility and professionalism are the cornerstones of our service. This professional approach contributes greatly to the satisfaction and “peace of mind” of our customers, as well as the success of our company.

Your professional partner for live communication

That’s what we are today. As an experienced partner for event technology we create live communication that will leave a memorable impression on audiences.

The best team

Discover the people driving A.S. Technology.