Eventplanner.tv discovered the possibilities to rent LEDskin ®

A.S. Technology is your partner to rent LEDskin ® or to integrate any other LEDskin ®-solution in your stand.

LEDskin ® is a product that seemlessly integrates with your stand. The LED-video wall is part of your construction and offers lots of benefits.

Why does AS Technology believe in LEDskin ®?

  1. no more structures before or behind your wall, which means LEDskin ® saves space;
  2. it is a lot safer as a whole;
  3. it saves time to build the stand;
  4. lesser time to build the stand means savings in construction of the stand for the customer.

AS Technology supports stand constructors in applying LEDskin ® in their designs and, in the end, in the stand itself.
As an exclusive partner for Belgium AS Technology can also partner up with other companies throughout Europe.

LEDskin ® won the Red Dot-Award for Product design in 2017.

All certificates (CE, ETL etc…) are up-to-date.


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