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  • Brussels Motor Show 2016

    Brussels Motor Show 2016

    For the implementation of security measures A.S. Technology played a fundamental role according to Anaïs Lorette from Febiac. Because of the increased threat from terrorism security gates were placed to provide more security to the visitors and exhibitors.

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  • European Automotive Forum (EAF)

    European Automotive Forum (EAF)

    This high level congress took place in the auditorium at the Brussels Motor Show. It gathered the highest European policymakers, CEO’s, strategists, marketeers, sales and engineers to debate on the future of the automotive sector. Audiovisual technologies needed to work flawlessly.

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  • Automotive Luxury Event 2015

    Automotive Luxury Event 2015

    A premium life-style event with class and sports cars as main theme. In order to fully experience this luxury and exclusive event A.S. Technology provided all necessary event technologies.

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